It is my pleasure to introduce you to the world of wedding and event planning. Everyone wants their special day to be perfect. Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary or a 100th birthday party Love Note is here to make your special day perfect and hassle-free. Whether you are planning ahead or decided on an event last minute, you may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. There is so much to plan and do, and where do you start? We are here to take away your stress so you can enjoy your event fully. Our level of planning and assistance is totally customizable and we will work with you and within your budget to make sure your event turns out exactly the way you want it, with the least amount of stress and hassle.

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A wedding planner will handle everything from the rehearsal to answering those tricky “What do we do when…?” questions. The bride and groom will not have to worry about whether the cake arrived on time, or if it is on the right table. The wedding planner is on-site to handle all vendors and deliveries. The wedding planner’s job is to bring to life all your ideas and wishes exactly as you want them. An experienced wedding coordinator is a master at troubleshooting and planning ahead for any and all problems that could occur. The coordinator ensures a perfect flow of events  by planning out every detail from rehearsal to reception and everything in between, which means all stress and confusion is non-existent. Hiring a coordinator for the day of your wedding can save you a lot of stress and let you truly enjoy your special day. It is true that your family and friends could help you set up tables and decorate, but do you want them to have to? Hiring a coordinator means your friends and family gets to enjoy a stress-free day focusing on celebrating their loved ones, instead of rushing to get things set up so they can get themselves ready too. The best part about hiring a coordinator instead of using friends and family? Family conflicts are kept to a minimum and you won’t have to deal with any unsolicited advice about what you should do!
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