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Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding is very time consuming. The thrill of getting engaged to the overwhelming task of all the decisions to be made can happen rather quickly. A wedding planner helps you develop a plan for the best use of your time and money while helping you prioritize the ins and outs of your big day.

When Is The Best Time To Hire A Wedding Planner?

When to hire a wedding planner really depends on how much involvement you want the wedding planner to have. But realistically the earlier the better. Even if you want to do all the planning, having a sit down with a wedding planner will help you get organized, help you prioritize within your budget, and can steer you in proper directions.

I Want to Plan My Own Wedding, But I Need Some Advice. Is This Possible?

Absolutely! We offer all levels of involvement for your special day. Our DIY Wedding Package is very popular for those who want a hands-on wedding, but need some guidance and help with where to begin, creating timelines & checklists, and vendor information. The DIY Wedding Package offers all the information you need to create your perfect day-yourself. It also includes access to our private Pinterest boards that contain tons of DIY ideas! If this even seems like too much involvement, then contact us and schedule a simple consultation.

I Have An Out of Town Wedding, Do You Travel?

Definitely! We are based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Sequim, Washington, but we’ve done weddings all over. We will go where you need us, or we can plan from here. We are available for all your wedding/event needs at any level of involvement. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

My Event Is at a Hotel That Has a Coordinator, Why Do I Also Need An Event Planner?

If your venue has a coordinator, it is important to find out exactly what they will be available to do for you, and at what point they leave. Will they be there to attend and coordinate the rehearsal the day before? Will they assist with decorating, set up, or clean up of the ceremony and reception?

It is common for an in-house coordinator to leave at a certain point in the evening, usually right after dinner is served or the cake has been cut. If this is the case, who will coordinate things afterward, like the bouquet/garter toss, or prompt the DJ/band to begin the first dance? Who will coordinate with vendors at the end of the reception, clean up everything, and make sure that the Bride and Groom have the top of the cake, their gifts, and something to eat by the end of the night? These are all things that should be worked out before entering into any contract with a venue/coordinator or a wedding planner.  Contact us to see what we can do for you!

I Have a Last Minute Event, Is It Too Late to Hire an Event Planner?

It’s never too late, but as a rule; the earlier the better. Last minute events are completely do-able, the issue becomes whether an event planner is available on the date of your event. Your best bet is to call as soon as you decide the date of your event, to see if the event planner is available. This gives the event planner as much time as possible to plan your event exactly as you want it.

There Are So Many Theme, Color, & Design Options, I am Feeling Overwhelmed. Do You Assist With Design?

As your wedding planner I am there for anything and everything related to your special day. There are a lot of design options and it can be very overwhelming. While I wouldn’t make the decision for you, I would help you to narrow down your options, give you the pros and cons, and help you feel good about the decision you ultimately make.

I am Concerned About Being Involved in the Planning Process, Can I Hire a Wedding Planner and Still be Involved?

Absolutely! Together, we will decide exactly how much involvement you need/want from me. The first time we sit down, we will figure out what works for you, what doesn’t and what fits in your budget. I have had many clients that just need direction, organization and vendor information but want to do the rest themselves-Great! Then I have had clients who want to do nothing but enjoy their special day-Great! My level of involvement is completely up to you.

Why Don’t You Post Prices on Your Website?

The reason I do not post prices is that the packages I have listed are really more of guidelines to show potential clients how little or much involvement I offer. But each and every bride, wedding, event, and budget is different so it would be impossible to list a price for everyone. If you have a pretty good idea about the level of involvement you want from me, contact me and I can give you an estimate.

I Have a Limited/Small Budget, Can I Still Hire a Wedding Planner?

Definitely! We will sit down, go over your budget and decide exactly what works and what doesn’t to ensure your wedding planning goes smoothly. And remember, I have 30+ years of experience in wedding planning, and have some pretty good tricks up my sleeve for budgeting!